A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Route Upgrade

Consultation and next steps

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This NTS has been prepared to provide a summary of the information and preliminary environmental assessment undertaken to date, as set out in the detailed PEI Report.

The PEI Report and NTS have been prepared to support consultees in developing an informed view of the likely significant environmental effects of the project based on preliminary information available at this time.

Highways England invites comments on the project and the environmental issues addressed in the PEI Report.

How to find out more

Further details on the consultation and downloadable copies of the PEI Report and NTS, the draft Environmental Masterplan, the consultation booklet and response form, and further information on the project can be downloaded at: https\://highwaysengland.co.uk/A66-NTP

How to have your say

There are various ways of providing your consultation responses as follows:

  • Completing the feedback form on the project webpage or virtual consultation room at: https\://highwaysengland.co.uk/A66-NTP
  • Attending a consultation event where you can meet the project team and complete a paper copy. Details of our events can be found at: https\://highwaysengland.co.uk/A66-NTP
  • Picking up a hard copy feedback form and freepost envelope at one of our deposit locations, subject to COVID-19 restrictions, which can be posted out to us via freepost at: Freepost A66 NORTHERN TRANS-PENNINE PROJECT.
  • Requesting a hard copy of the feedback form via telephone on 0333 090 1192 and sending it to us using the Freepost address below.
  • Alternatively, you can email A66NTP@highwaysengland.co.uk, or write to us at: Freepost A66 NORTHERN TRANS-PENNINE PROJECT

Please submit your responses by 11.59pm on 6 November 2021.

After the consultation

Your feedback will inform our continuing development of the project. Once we have taken your feedback into consideration, we plan to submit our application for a DCO in spring 2022. We will also prepare a report on the consultation, recording the feedback and our response, which will be published with our application.

Your comments will be analysed by Highways England and any of its appointed agents. Copies may be made available in due course to the Secretary of State, the Planning Inspectorate and other relevant statutory authorities so that your comments can be considered as part of the DCO application process. We will request that your personal details are not placed on public record and will be held securely by Highways England in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used solely in connection with the consultation process and subsequent DCO application and, except as noted above, will not be passed to third parties.

After the consultation period, all responses will be considered in finalising the project design and completing the EIA. Comments will be taken into account when considering the need for further assessment or modification to the project design or mitigation measures.

Next Steps

If our application for a DCO is accepted by the Planning Inspectorate, there will be an examination of the application during which an Examining Authority (appointed by the Planning Inspectorate) will consider the application and in which the public can participate. This examination will take a maximum of six months. The Examining Authority then has three months to make a recommendation to the Secretary of State, who then has a further three months to make a final decision as to whether consent should be granted for the project. If our application is approved, work on the project is planned to start in the first quarter of 2024 as indicated on the illustrated Timeline below.

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If you would like any further information on the DCO application process, please visit the Planning Inspectorate’s website: https\://infrastructure.planningportal.gov.uk then navigate to the “Guidance and Advice” tab, then “Advice Notes” from the drop down menu and scroll down to Advice Note 8: Overview of the nationally significant infrastructure planning process for members of the public and others.

The Planning Inspectorate’s website may also provide some updates on the project’s application process, and will provide access to the submitted application documents once the application is accepted.

Contact us

Visit our webpages for information about the project and how to have your say, call or email us to find out more.



Via telephone on 0333 090 1192